Small Businesses and Politicians Should Be Wary of Customer Service AI Chats

Plan2Win Podcast: Customer service IS marketing, and needs a human touch
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Consumers are rightfully frustrated with poorly-conceived artificial chat features, even as their use spreads across the websites and social media platforms of companies and politicians.

“If you are using a chatbot or automated instant message service on your website or Facebook page, odds are you are making a huge mistake,” said Edge Messaging President Brian Fraley in his company’s latest Plan2Win podcast. “Every written, spoken or computer-generated word, sound and picture conveys a message; and online chats are an emerging tool many small businesses and politicos are failing to use properly.”

Fraley hosts the Plan2Win podcast along with Edge Messaging’s Director of Creativity and Innovation, Dan Delbert. In this episode they discuss common mistakes being made every day and how individuals and businesses could use AI to actually enhance the user experience.  Listen: