Regardless of where you live, the various pandemic-related restrictions on mass gatherings are likely to persist for many months. We’ve previously discussed short term communications-related changes businesses would need to make (listen here). But I’d like to take a brief moment to look at changes organizations will need to consider to be as successful as possible over the next several quarters.

Internal Comms

If your workforce is or will be working remotely, you’ll need a belt and suspenders approach toward internal communications, scheduling, and vacation requests, etc.  You don’t need an IT department or a CIO to manage the flow of information from multiple remote locations. For example, at Edge Messaging we use a variety of tools like Slack and Monday as well as Google Suite products to collaborate and share information.  Figure out what works best for your organization, and invest in training everyone on how to use your new system.  The time you invest now will more than pay for itself, and the longer this pandemic upsets the workplace applecart, the more you and your employees will appreciate that you made these moves now.


If you are not already, please become familiar with Zoom, Skype for Business, or the video conferencing available on Slack, Google, Microsoft, and other platforms. You’re going to using them a lot. They are a fantastic way to hold team meetings, but you’re going to soon see that they are the future of meetings and conferences for companies, trade associations, workshops, continuing education classes, et. al. These valuable platforms also contain unique pitfalls. For example, always conduct yourself as if the camera and microphone are on and the video is being recorded. Remember, the Internet is forever.  But in the interest of making lemonades out of lemons, understand that video conferencing offers the opportunity to add pre-produced elements that can enhance your meeting, and more effectively deliver your intended message.

Brick and Mortar Messaging

If your workspace is publicly visible, don’t leave it looking like you’ve abandoned it. It sends the message that you were unprepared and your continued operation is uncertain. Your workspace/office/retail establishment sends a message, even when you and your employees may be working from home. Keep it looking sharp and inspirational. If you’ve been away for a bit already, go back (safely) and water the plants, for example.

Pandemic mitigation was not a part of your business plan. But it’s time to refresh your plan, even though the future direction of public health limits are uncertain.

Good luck. Be well. And, if we can help, don’t hesitate to give us a call