All Small Businesses Will Be Impacted by Coronavirus, Strategist Says 

Plan2Win With Edge Messaging Podcast Advocates for Crisis Communications Planning

[Crucial Waukesha County, Wisconsin] All small businesses will be impacted by the Coronavirus and business owners should be prepared to deal with the fallout.

In a new podcast episode, Plan2Win with Edge Messaging discusses the need for businesses of all sizes to have crisis communication plans in place.

Even if you think the public is over-reacting, you can’t deny there are disruptions on the horizon and it is better to be over prepared than be caught off guard,” said Edge Messaging President Brian Fraley. ”You need to prepare to communicate with your employees, customers, vendors, and partners in the event of an emergency or disaster. Be it a flood, a fire, an illness or death of a key executive, a local quarantine or whatever, business owners should have methods in place to communicate important messages in a time of crisis.” 

Fraley hosts the podcast along with Edge Messaging’s Director of Creativity and Innovation, Dan Deibert.  The pair discuss how the Corona virus will require employers to make key business decisions in the coming days, and how they need to communicate these decisions with key audiences.

 “From modifying employee sick leave policy to addressing potential supply chain interruptions, businesses need to know how and what to communicate to customers, clients and team members,” said Fraley. “Business that plan are more likely to win.”

Six components of every crisis communications plan

  1. Don’t procrastinate. Have your plan developed and in place ASAP.
  2. Determine the decision making process you will follow in the event of a crisis.
  3. Train your people, including informing all personnel not involved in the crisis plan that they are to remain silent.
  4. Decide the best options for communicating internally and externally in a time of crisis. 
  5. Don’t have your internal and external messages conflict. The truth will get out. Don’t make matters worse by lying.
  6. Have your public point person ready and accessible.


Plan2Win with Edge Messaging’s target audience includes business owners, political candidates, and anyone interested in advertising, marketing and/or public relations.

The podcast is available on EdgeMessaging’s website and via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and all major podcasting platforms. Link: