Today's political polarization has provided you with a dilemma and an opportunity. Those who hone and target their message can break through the cynicism to get results in the court of public opinion and at the ballot box. Let us partner with you. #plan2win

Edge Messaging's @Dailytakes with analysis in the Washington Times.

Our President and CEO, @Dailytakes , speaking on a panel discussion for the @AMAMilwaukee on Thursday. The topic? The Art and Science of Political Marketing. #Plan2Win

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Welcome to Plan 2 Win with Edge Messaging, a podcast about classic communications and public relations principles put into practice in a modern world.

5. Is Organic Reach Dead?

No, we are not talking about getting that last package of farm-raised tilapia from the back of the freezer at your health food store. We are discussing a different type of organic reach.

There was a time when your business could post information to Facebook and other social media, sit back, and enjoy the reach. This time has passed us by.

In this episode of the Plan2Win Podcast, Brian Fraley and Dan Deibert of Edge Messaging discuss the best way to reach your audiences on social media.

4. Customer Service IS Marketing

Every written, spoken or computer-generated word, sound or picture conveys a message. We look at an emerging tool many small businesses are failing to use properly.

3. Why are so many local radio ads so bad?

Dan and Brian discuss one of their pet peeves: Bad local radio spots. Learn why many small businesses keep making this one big mistake.

2. Be Smart With Google AdWords / PPC

Are pay per click campaign platforms like Google AdWords a smart play for you? Dan Deibert offers some advice that will save you time and money.

1.  Classic Communication Model 101

In this episode, we examine the basic components of the communication model and how understanding these concepts apply to various aspects of your business.

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