Podcast Looks at Why Many Local Radio Spots Stink

Plan2Win With Edge Messaging breaks down one of the most common factors that sabotage local radio commercials


[Crucial Waukesha County, Wisconsin] Why are so many radio ads for small businesses so awful? 

In their latest episode, Plan2Win with Edge Messaging examines the phenomenon of the business owner serving as radio talent.

“This episode is going to rile some feathers in the sales departments of several radio stations,” said Edge Messaging President Brian Fraley. “But the fact is, many small business owners are getting terrible advice and aren’t maximizing the return on their important local radio investment.”

Fraley hosts the podcast along with Edge Messaging’s Director of Creativity and Innovation, Dan Deibert. Before joining Edge in 2017, Deibert had a 25-year career in broadcast radio, which included hosting programs on WISN, WTDY, WTMJ, WTAQ, WGN, WOC, and KMOX. Between the two, they’ve written thousands of radio commercials.

Plan2Win with Edge Messaging’s target audience includes business owners, political candidates, and anyone interested in advertising, marketing and/or public relations.

The podcast is available on EdgeMessaging’s website and via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and all major podcasting platforms.

Link: https://edgemessaging.com/podcast/