The Washington Times recently reported on what agenda items would work best for Trump in Wisconsin and they turned to our president for his analysis.

Political analysts say it’s no surprise to see Mr. Trump rallying to his bread-and-butter issues.

“He would be best served by sticking to the domestic issues that rally his base and on which he can tout accomplishments. Things like building the wall on the border, record low unemployment, the rise in median income, etc. These are also issues that could attract new voters to his coalition,” said Brian Fraley, owner of Edge Messaging, a political and corporate communications firm in Wisconsin.


The president may need more votes in 2020 than he received in 2016, according to Mr. Fraley, who expects the Democratic nominee to run a smarter campaign than Hillary Clinton did.

“President Trump may, however, stick to what has worked for him for the last five years. By stirring the pot, trolling opponents and being unpredictable, it has been harder for the myriad of attacks to stick to him,” he said. “However, that strategy all goes out the window if international hot spots flare up, or if an actual impeachment process turns up actual revelations of wrongdoing.”

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