Crisis Communications

What do we mean when we talk about crisis communications?

First, we are not here to say I told you so. When it comes to crisis management, time is of the essence.

Fact: There are no more ‘news cycles.’ You don’t have a few days to figure out how an emerging story is going to play out. So, if you’re in a bind and need quick, savvy communication professionals at a time of crisis, Edge Messaging should be your first call (262-290-EDGE).

We offer PR at the speed of now. We won’t just mitigate the damage, we’ll rely on our team’s experience in high-pressure, time-sensitive situations to leave you in the best position possible.

Oh, and to our potential business clients: we’re keenly aware that in a time of crisis, internal communications are just as important as public relations. You can’t say one thing to your employees and another to your customers. Your internal and external communications need to be honest and consistent. Let us help you with both.

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