From messaging, to sales, to HR your perspective needs to change. There was BC, Before Covid. We are now in AD, After Disease. That’s not to say the health threat is gone, but we need to look at the beginning of March as a demarcation. It’s time to plan. We can help. #Plan2Win

Trivia Alert - @rwhabich is 2 for 2! Who will take him on next week Thursday? It's free to play thanks to our friends at @EdgeMessaging and @UrbanHarvestBC

Here's to the farmers, the miners, the ranchers and the loggers. Thank you to all the men and women who work the land to feed us and to extract nature's bountiful resources to help make our lives better. Happy Earth Day, indeed.

Our President, ⁦@Dailytakes⁩ offers some comments to the New York Times regarding society’s pervasive cynicism and how it impacts politics in Wisconsin.

Even our satellite virtual offices are closed now in observance of Good Friday. We wish your family a happy and healthy weekend. Whether your family observes Passover, Easter or neither, be well and be safe.

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